Sudanese Ministry

Serving our South Sudanese Family

Led by Pastor Moses Chot Jock and Boor Doyak, we meet every Sunday at 1:30 pm here at the Calgary First Church, preaching the gospel in Nuer. We are also pleased to host a Sudanese children's service at the same time. Our young adult choir practices Saturdays.

South Sudanese Refugee Rescue
South Sudanese Refugee Rescue

First Church, under the direction of Pastor Bryan Roller and oversight by Pastors Moses Chot Jock and Boor Doyak, has created a refugee sponsorship program focused on bringing refugees displaced from South Sudan to Calgary and into our congregation.

Sponsored refugees will be UNHCR certified from camps in the surrounding countries – Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

SSRR Program is an outreach of compassion, grace, and faith. We will sponsor and support these men, women and children to integrate into the Calgary community and to begin along the path to Canadian citizenship. The Program expands our mission to “make Christ-like disciples with a heart for God and a passion for people.”

2020 Fundraiser

Thank you for your faithful giving! On our February 1, 2020 fundraiser we raised $11,105.00 towards the SSRR Ministrey. To see some pictures from the February 1 fundraiser

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