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Planning Center

Planning Center is the church management system we use at First Naz. It is made up of several different web applications which connect you to different parts of our church. This means that when you create a profile (for you or anyone else in your household), your information is connected and can be updated anywhere else we use Planning Center, like when you volunteer, check in at an event, or donate online!

Here are some of the different applications in Planning Center and how you can use them.

Church Center

Church Center ( is where our directory, upcoming events, and online donations are accessed.  Much of the info on our website is accessible here.

For mobile devices, the Church Center app has all the same content as the web version in the palm of your hand.  From this app you can see our contact info, manage your profile information (this profile is the one the church uses for its records), and register for Sunday service and other events.  If there is one app we can recommend for you as a part of First Naz, it’s this one!


Services helps our ministry leaders manage our ministry teams, mainly our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening volunteers.  Services:

  • is a unique mobile app called “Services” you can download to your iOS or Android phone
  • is an app you can access from a computer
  • facilitates volunteer scheduling and sends automated reminders for serving

Check Ins

You can create and manage your household info when you check in for children’s ministry on Sunday or when you arrive at a class or event.

Check Ins:

  • Is accessed by the iPads at the children’s check-in station
  • You can also check in using the Church Center app
  • Helps check your kids in to children’s ministry on Sundays or to other classes and events

Here is where you can register for a class or event at First Naz, including our Sunday morning services during the COVID-19 restrictions.


  • Allows you to sign up for classes, events, and retreat registrations through our web portal or the Church Center app (available for iOS and Android)
  • Verifies your household information
  • Keeps a record of everything you have registered for.

Small group leaders can manage their group (events, attendance, sharing Bible Study resource, etc.) on the ChurchCenter app or online.

If you want to find a group to join, you can also see that in the ChurchCenter app and online. You can manage your info (address, email, phone, household info) here as well.

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions about Planning Center.

How do I download the Church Center mobile app? 

For iOS click here.

For Android click here.

How do I update my contact information? 

Go to or download the Church Center mobile app and log in. Once you have logged in, your account information is accessible from the top right hand menu.

Why is the login process through email/phone verification?

No password is required to access  If you want to view your own information, you will need to log in through sending a code to your email or phone to keep your account secure.  You don’t need to worry about remembering your password since you will get a new secure code each time you log in.  (You can choose to stay logged in on the mobile app if you’d like.)

Why do I have to keep validating my email address to log in? Nothing with my account has changed.

Once you have logged in, as long as you keep your browser open on your desktop you will stay logged in to If you close your browser or shutdown your computer, you will have to login again. The Church Center mobile app will remain logged in until you choose to log out, even if you close the app (can depend on your phone settings).

I downloaded the Services app, but I can't login. 

You cannot access the Services app until you have been added to the app as a team member. If you haven’t seen an email adding you to a team, or can’t log in, please speak to your Ministry Team Leader or the Director of Operations.

I downloaded the Check In app, but I can't login. 

The Check In app is for setting up check in stations and is only used by church administrators. The Check In App is not for those wanting to check in. You can delete the check in app.

I have a question that's not listed here!

Your question is likely answered HERE, but please reach out to the church office at to get help with Planning Center.

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