Charitable Giving Receipt Update

All charitable giving receipts for 2020 will be emailed to the email address on your profile on February 28.  Please take a look in your email inbox and if you don't see it there, check your spam/junk folder.  You will receive a link to access your receipt that is valid for two weeks.  After that you will need to log in. If you have trouble accessing your information, please contact our Director of Operations.

To log in, click on the button below, log in, and click "My Giving".

If you would prefer a hardcopy, contact our Director of Operations and we will be happy to mail one to you.  Note that a hardcopy is not required by CRA (a digital copy is sufficient). If we do not have your email address or mailing address on file we will not be able to send your receipt to you, so please make sure your information is up-to-date!

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We believe in giving back to God what He has graciously given.

To help make it easier for you to support the ministries of Calgary First Church, we are pleased to offer an online giving option

In addition to online giving, we have a number of other options available:


For more information about any of the above options, or to set up automatic bank withdrawal, please email [email protected]

Our online giving is supported by Planning Center Online.

Please provide your legal name and address for tax receipt purposes. Designated gifts are restricted to Board of Directors approved programs. We attempt to honour all gifts designated to approved programs but reserve the right to use these gifts for other purposes as determined by our Board. All donations are subject to our Designated Giving Policy which can be viewed HERE.  Please direct questions to our Director of Operations.

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