Boor Doyak

Sudanese Pastor to Families with Children

Boor is married to his wife Nyaban Deng and has been blessed by God with 5 lovely children. Boor served at Judia Church of Nazarene as an evangelist in Punyido Refugees Camp Ethiopia in 1998-2000.

After immigrating to Canada, Boor served as Sudanese youth pastor at Calgary First Church of the Nazarene from 2006-2011. Boor served as Sudanese associate pastor in 2011-2015. Since 2015, Boor has served as the Sudanese Pastor to Families with Children. Boor has completed a Certificate in Health Care Aid in 2007, and a Bachelor of Church Ministry from Ambrose University in 2018.

Boor was ordained as a South Sudanese pastor for the Church of the Nazarene in Canada in 2018. Boor has a passion for children; he loves to teach children to learn more about God. He believes that it is our responsibility to teach our children to know more about our Saviour Jesus Christ.

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