Urgent Prayer for Bromley District in Papua New Guinea

Urgent prayer is requested by Rev. Peter Kui, D. S. of Bromley District in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  Rev. Kui shared their current local situation.  After the recent PNG election, many disgruntled supporters of the losing candidates caused excessive damage to the properties of innocent people in the Jimi Valley area.  Millions of Kina’s worth of properties were destroyed, including the parsonage of a Nazarene pastor and his family. It was burned to ashes.  The pastor and his family hid in the bush for two nights and later were rescued by a Nazarene pastor from another district

A village within and around Tabiguga Government Station where Rev. David Kina lived is now a deserted place.  200 houses were burned to the ground, and some 700 villagers are now homeless and forced into hiding in the bushes in fear. The tension is still high as there are no government authorities on the ground to enforce peace and normalcy.

Furthermore, some sections of Jimi road are blocked.  Huge drains dug across the road cut off access completely and a bridge was stripped-off making it more difficult for the majority of the population to move.PLEASE PRAY for:—protection of leaders, churches, members and their families who are caught in the middle of this violent situation—spiritual programs in the Bromley District that have and will be affected by this violence—the women from the Bromley district who are experiencing these challenges and will find it difficult to attend the National Women’s Conference in Lae this September.—D.S. Rev. Kui and his wife to be able to return home toTsingoropa.  Presently they are stranded.  Rev. Kui’s only means of communication with his pastors and the District Advisory Board is through his cellphone.
Pray that God would intervene in this most challenging situation, that this violence will stop, and that the government will be able to solve this peace and order problem in the country.