PRAISE and prayer for:

  • In July, 11 members of Nazarene Youth International from Tibás, Costa Rica, were able to share the gospel at the Children of the Great Artist festival at the Eugene O’Neill Theater.  Roughly 500 people attended the event, where they heard about the great artist, the Lord.  “In this, which was the 5th edition of the festival, Jesus was spoken of openly for the first time, and we had the opportunity to do it as a church, all for the glory of God!” said Hugo Miranda, Tibás church youth pastor.  The festival is a program of Children of the Great Artist, a social project that aims to empower individuals for comprehensive development through education, art, culture, sports, health, spirituality, and values
  • On Friday 19th August, Eurasia Regional Director Jim Ritchie dedicated 2 transition houses in Bucharest, Romania, as part of the Open Door Foundation. This house was built with generous donations from those who God moved to help with this project!  Open Door works with young women who have been trafficked and/or abused – offering support and various services, as the women work toward gaining full autonomy and reintegration into society.  Please pray for Open Door Director Monica Boseff and the team at Open Door and thank God for His provision.
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  • The Church of the Nazarene in India is present through the North West India District which covers both the Punjab and Rajasthan States. There are Nazarene churches in and around the Amritsar city, one of the biggest cities in Punjab state and recently a Nexus Core session was held at one of the villages.  42 participants gathered for 2 days, learning youth leadership through different activities, group discussions, demonstrations, presentations, and games.  Sessions covered different topics such as Identity, Socialization, Johari windows, and Youth development – these were facilitated by NYI Discipleship Coordinator, Vijay.   “All the participants were mesmerized by such an impactful youth training which they received for the first time in their lives. All of them testified that this was a unique opportunity to understand themselves in light of the Bible.”  All promised to attend the upcoming Nexus Explore session, and they request prayer support for all youth leaders in the Amritsar zone of the North West India District.  Rev. Kuldeep Kumar, the NDI Coordinator of India, coordinated the whole event and it was hosted by Pastor Manish. District NYI president Shimon Masih and Pastor Satish were also present to connect with the youth and encourage them.

PRAY for:

  • the ministry in Papua New Guinea, especially the Bromley District.   Please see Today’s NEWS below by Grace Tia, Communications Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • In Pakistan – AsiaLink just held a special discipleship camp for Muslims seeking, nominal Christians and those committed to Christ, despite risks.  This was a huge risk to the ministry team, especially if Muslim extremists or Muslims in the area became aware of this camp. Thankfully, the entire camp took place without any incident.   The camp was small in number, intentionally so.  Everyone who attended had to be interviewed in order to gauge their interest as space at the retreat centre was limited.  In order to facilitate the opportunity of Muslims to attend, our team had to make special arrangements for them that would not compromise them or the ministry of this camp. Bro. Hamid is so thankful for what God did in the lives of those who attended. He expressed his thankfulness and appreciation to all those who helped make this camp possible.  Since they returned from the Discipleship Camp, Bro. Hamid, AsiaLink Director, wrote to say that they have been overwhelmed  – responding to students in our AsiaLink Bible Correspondence Institute which is geared towards Muslims and nominal people of faith who have little understanding of Christianity.
  • UKRAINE AND POLAND: (from Calgary  First Church)  Michael and Rebecca Garnett (Rebecca is Kinne & Lucille Rider’s daughter). Michael is in Poland to assist refugees on the Ukrainian-Polish border and to transfer refugees from the border to Humanitarian Aid Centers or train stations in Przemysl. Rebecca, while in Canada, is also involved with other support agencies in arranging air fare with WestJet buddy passes for Ukrainian refugees to come to Canada. Rebecca is a pilot with West Jet.
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED –   Central Europe Field in Przemysl at the Polish Border with Ukraine is looking for individuals or teams of 5.  Come for 1 – 2 weeks – up to 3 months – ongoing project from September 2022 to April 2023.  Missionaries Jay and Teanna Sunberg ask that we share this request  Help us respond at the border. Presence matters: Carrying bags. answering questions, interacting with dignity and respect. These actions make a difference. DM for more information. Please share this post. @centraleuropefield @eurasiaregion #bethechurch Creative design @katiaoufan