PRAISE and prayer for:

  • the Church of the Nazarene in South Africa – a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent. Known as the Rainbow Nation because of its incredibly diverse population of approximately 60 million people, one of the distinct markers of the country’s diversity is seen in the fact that it has 11 official languages. The Church of the Nazarene began work in South Africa in 1919. The country is home to the Africa Regional office, NTC (Nazarene Theological College) South Africa, and the Good News Convention Center, where many district and regional gatherings and conferences have been held.68,039 Members;  522 Fully Organized Churches and 120 Not Yet Fully Organized Churches;  448 Ordained and 167 District Licensed Ministers;  12 Missionaries serving in South Africa and 7 Missionaries originally from South Africa and serving as global missionaries elsewhere

    We praise God for:

    • His faithfulness and goodness to the church in South Africa.
    • all ministers and lay persons working to preach the gospel.
    • the resilience of the Church coming out on the other side of the pandemic.
  • JFHP Team report from Sierra Leone – Hawa’s testimony: “Life has been extremely difficult for me. My parents disowned me and I have been struggling to make ends meet. I met some other girls who are prostitutes, and eventually joined them. I came to know about the JESUS film through an elderly woman. As I watched Jesus suffer on the cross, I realized how much God loves me. I felt bad for the way I have been living my life. I could not sleep that night and returned the next night to watch the film again. At the end of the film, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Since that day, my life has changed. I pray that my parents and friends in prostitution will also come to know Jesus.”
  • British Isles South District met for their District Family Camp  – August 16th – 21st at Ampleforth College in York, England.  Over 260 people  gathered from across England and Wales to enjoy worship services and workshops around the theme of ‘revitalise’. There have also been inflatables, live music, a ‘Britain through the Decades’ theme night, a BBQ, team games, a wood burning pizza oven and day trips to local places of interest.

PRAY for:

  • the Church of the Nazarene in South Africa
    • the local churches as they continue to reach out to their surrounding communities to share the gospel.
    • believers to be called and answer the call to serve as pastors and leaders in the church.
    • God’s blessing and guidance on Nazarene Theological College: the leadership, professors, and students in the teaching, training and mentoring of young people for ministry.
    • as God continues to strengthen the ministry of all the missionary families serving in South Africa.
  • JFHP in Sierra Leone –  5 Teams|  28 Team members|   4  Language
    • only 11% of the population identifies with Christianity today. Pray against the cultural influences of occult practice and radical religions. Pray for JESUS Film teams to make Kingdom waves in Sierra Leone.
    • pray for true stability, sustained peace, and a decisive end to government corruption.
    • pray for restoration and wholeness for those who have suffered the atrocities of war.
  • from Calgary First Church –  Please Pray for “movement” on our refugee sponsorship of the Chan Kulang family – David, Nyakhor (wife), and four young girls, Nyanen, Nyathijin, Nyalual, and Lenyduer,. The Nairobi Visa Office needs to conduct an interview which has been pending for over two years.  Please pray for speedy/successful visa processing