I am so thrilled that you’ve click on this link. If you are reading this my guess is joined our August 28th Sunday Service! I am hosting special a ZOOM event titled. ‘FILLED’ this is just for you, our online community.

After the in-person service we had a time of prayer where people chose to come forward to either receive the filling of the Holy Spirit (whether that was for the first time or tenth time).

God is so great! And we are so thankful that the Holy Spirit is available. The gift of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts that flow from the Spirit are vital in our ability to live free, live pure, and live empowered.

Join me Tuesday, August 30th at 8:00pm MDT at this ZOOM link. Come ready for us to pray together experience more of God and a fresh work of the Holy Spirit. It will likely only be for 30mins. It will include listening to one worship song together followed by interactive scripture readings, prayer, and encouragement.


Meeting ID: 829 3701 8673

Passcode: 754865

In Christ,

Pastor Trent