Our congregation has received a generous offer of some home care items for anyone who may need them. See the item descriptions and images below.

If you are interested, you can contact Linda directly at ldonald-dixon@hotmail.com.

  1. Donut pillow.
  2. Cane with free standing “Quad Pod” and Airgo, 5 prong, Ice-o-Grip for canes and crutches, blue.
  3. Cane, pink.
  4. Cane, black.
  5. Bed rail, padded, black.
  6. Aquatech, raised toilet seat with lid and arms, white.
  7. Revolution, MediChair walker with padded bench seat, detachable metal carrying basket, four wheels, hand brakes, black.
  8. Co-op Home Health Care walker with padded seat, attached zipper enclosed mesh carrying bag, four wheels, hand brakes, blue.
  9. “Drive”, Expedition X Series (transport) wheelchair, blue and black with a trillium by Revolution Curb Climber attachment.