North Andean Field - Prayer and Praise Line April 1

Easter Offering April 4  -  for the World Evangelism Fund

Church in Venezuela Rejoicing at Sunrise                                                                                              Iglesia del Nazareno Valle de Beraca resumed its in-person Sunday services after the local and national authorities reported no positive cases for COVID-19. Thanks to this news,  worshippers have been meeting every Sunday morning at 6 a.m. since January.  This new schedule allows for less contact with others on the street and gives the congregation the opportunity to continue with safety measures recommended by the authorities.  Attendance has actually increased!  

“Services at this time bring us earlier to the Lord and provoke in us deep adoration since we are giving the first part of the day to the Lord as an offering of worship and sacrifice,” one of the congregants said. “Moreover, it allows us to enjoy the rest of the day with family and have a time of rest.”

Valle de Beraca Church of the Nazarene is located in the small town of Los Chichies, Venezuela, and is a part of the Lago District. This new schedule has captured the attention of other churches in the zone which are also adopting this same schedule with the same benefits. 

“The pandemic has caused us to adopt this new time to worship, which has brought about many benefits,” said Pastor Allan Diaz. “[It is] awakening a new wave of believers who are experiencing a real adoration of our God at the best time of day on the Lord’s day, even when the sun has not yet risen.”

Special  Prayer Request for INDONESIA

On March 28, Palm Sunday, as millions of Christians around the world gathered to sing “Hosanna in the highest!” and to wave palm fronds, the believers in Makassar, Indonesia were facing a different and horrifying reality.    

Just after their Palm Sunday service ended,  there was an explosion at the church gates --  suicide bombers had attacked, killing themselves and injuring at least 19 people in the process.  While no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, the Indonesian president has labeled the bombings “terrorism.”   The police were called to stand guard in front of the church after the bombing—ready in case something else happens on Easter. 

This is yet another reminder for Christians in Indonesia: They are targets for their Christian faith.    

For Christians around the world, important days like Palm Sunday and Easter are both visible reminders of Jesus’ love for us.  These public gatherings are open reminders that Christ died for us.  Extremist groups are tempted to launch violent attacks against believers and the Church at these special times.

“It’s important we come alongside when [Christians] are suffering,” says brother Sam*, an 'Open Doors' worker in Indonesia. “They must know they aren’t alone.”  'Open Doors'  and others are present and supporting victims of the Makassar bombing with partners on the ground, praying with church leaders and congregants, learning  learning how to help.  

"The best way [you can help] is to pray for our brothers and sisters in Indonesia,” says sister Novi*, another Open Doors partner in Indonesia. “Sadly, it’s not a surprising thing anymore.  Please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters—there is always a sense that this type of thing may happen at any time and especially on Easter or Christmas. Please pray for peace in heart and mind—that there will be no fear or spirit of intimidation, as we celebrate Easter.”  

No one should go through persecution alone, anywhere in the world.  Easter is a powerful time to pray for our persecuted sisters and brothers—in Indonesia  and in all places that we are standing with them as one church, one family.                     *Name changed to protect security


PRAISE and prayer for

-Iglesia del Nazareno Cristo la Roca, in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, is experiencing a revival, according to pastor Joán Paulino. Recently, it held the second retreat of the year and called it “Humbled before His Presence.” This time, as part of the commemoration of International Women's Day, the retreat included a special focus on women.  

-  The San Ignacio Misiones Church of the Nazarene in Paraguay has created a local team to carry out evangelism activities directed towards children and youth through a program called “Happy Box.” Recently 190 children were ministered to in the cities of San Ignacio Misiones, Barrio San Pedro, and the areas of San Pablo, San Javier, San Antonio, and the neighboring city of Santa Rosa.  

-  Rev. Dwight Rich, retired NAF Field Strategy Coordinator (Ecuador) appreciates all your prayers for his eye surgeries. Please continue to pray for the healing of his eyes.  

JFHP (Venzuela)  "Some women and teenagers came to my house and shared about Christ using a hat with many colors. I accepted their invitation to see a film about Jesus. Seeing the wonderful things He did for us moved me greatly. I accepted Jesus and am attending discipleship classes to learn more about Him. I want to thank Jesus for everything He has done for me by serving God at church.” –Jenifer, 12-years-old  

PRAY for:

-  Jesus Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) - On average27 JESUS Film teams are persecuted in just one month of ministry.   

-  Pastor Mery Bautista Aguilar as she is recovering from a severe case of Dengue Fever.  Mery is the pastor of the Sabanethillas Church of the Nazarene on the Sierra Centro District (Colombia).   

-  the ministry of the Church of the Nazarene in South America:                                                            ---Peru - for the Awajún communities, in the Peruvian jungle, whose geographic location made it difficult to send aid to the people and the  churches during the pandemic                           

---Chile - for the leaders and pastors who maintain personal contact with the members of their churches:  to assist them, especially with the churches closed                             

---Brazil - that the leadership of the church in Brazil is filled with the Holy Spirit and striving to be creative and effective in these days of the 'new normal'                                                    

---Paraguay - for the national leadership and the pastors in Paraguay, for the new churches and for the new missionary families that will arrive