PRAISE and prayer for:

–   newly Assigned Missionaries • September through November 2021  In the midst of the difficulties of our times, the mission of the church continues,  preparing, sending, and supporting new missionaries for the work of making Christlike disciples in the nations. These newly assigned missionaries are just beginning their missionary service:

—Mijiye and Mireu Kim: sponsored deployment Philippines, Asia-Pacific Region

—Ezequiel and Susana Ramirez: global deployment Guinea Bissau, Africa Region

—Esteban and Thais Albornoz; global deployment, Ecuador, South America Region

—Renny K: sponsored deployment, Asia-Pacific Region

—Chad and Crystal Gibbons: sponsored deployment Ukraine, Eurasia Region

—Jacob and Miryam Page: sponsored deployment Thailand, Asia-Pacific Region

—Lewanne Osborn: sponsored deployment Armenia, Eurasia Region

—Angelina Jones: sponsored deployment Thailand, Asia-Pacific Region


–  we give praise and thanks to God

—as He continues to call those Whom He gifts for missions. Our new missionaries represent so many cultures from around the world, giving a wider  perspective to help our churches grow a broader world view that glorifies God.

—for the extended families of our missionaries, who entrust their loved ones into God’s care, as they follow His will and go into all the world. The sacrifice of families of newly assigned and recently deployed missionaries should not be overlooked. If you know the families of missionaries, thank them for their sacrifice.

—for the opportunities we have to support the missions-enterprise of the Church of the Nazarene, whether through giving, or prayer.

—for the many new and extraordinary ways in which the Church has managed to minister during the past 2 years. The future is unclear in many ways, but God is still opening doors, and often in places never before possible, to see the Gospel proclaimed and lives transformed.

—for the season we are entering, and for the gift of Christ, His Son, who came to bring salvation to all the world. Those engaged in missions, globally and locally, are agents of that most perfect gift to humankind…hope, peace, and joy!


PRAY for:

–  newly assigned missionaries who will be working with Work and Witness teams and the day-to-day ministries of the church, while continuing to develop language skills.

–  all new missionary families who have recently deployed, who, possibly, will spend their first Christmas away from family and friends. These early days of transition can be challenging, particularly for those with small children. Pray that the Christ of Christmas will help them see, appreciate, experience, and get involved in the new traditions that will mark seasons in their new cultural home.

–  that God will give our new missionaries the grace of holy influence in all the countries to which they are being deployed. Pray that they too, will have a growing missions-vision, and that from them a new generation of missionaries will receive and respond to a call for missions.

–  new leadership to emerge in local churches, districts, and fields where these new missionaries have been sent, and that as each new missionary learns the language of their assignment, they will begin to build strong relationships that support the churches as well as their personal lives and witness.

–  missionaries who, for whatever reasons, have left the mission field and returned to their home country. Those transitions can be very difficult, too. Pray that the Lord will keep their missions-call clear and provide possible avenues of grace-filled involvement wherever God leads them.


BEREAVED families of:

–  Donna Lovett (survived by husband, Russell [Russ]), retired missionary to Italy, France, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Kenya, and Rwanda for 25 years.

–  Bonita [Bonnie] Scarlett (late husband, Donald Scarlett, Jr.), former missionary to South Africa for 17 years.

–  Lydia Sawatzky (survived by husband, Nikolaj Sawatzky), missionary to Germany and Switzerland for 29.5 years.

–  for the lives of those missionaries who have recently died, having given their lives in service to God and the Church around the world, we give thanks.  A generation of the faithful are “passing the torch” to a younger generation, now taking their places of service in a very needy world and sharing the Good News of Jesus and the message of scriptural holiness.  Be thankful for each generation that has done its part to make Christ known!


Brazil church reignites soup ministry to serve community amid pandemic

by Church of the Nazarene South America Region

In the midst of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Central Church of the Nazarene of Boa Vista / RR, Brazil, re-ignited its Sopão da Vida (Soup of Life) ministry. Led by Leonardo Catão and his wife, Flávia Rosas, the church worked hard to continue serving the community during the pandemic because of the great need around them.

“Due to the pandemic, our work almost came to a halt,” Leonardo said. “Our attention was centered on the distribution of food, clothes, shoes and hygiene products,and more. God touched our hearts so that we could go back to ministering with the project Soup of Life (Sopão da Vida). We felt in our hearts that we should start in front of the hospitals.“

Currently, Soup of Life is held once every two weeks. During the visits to hospitals, 100 pre-packaged meals are distributed. If there are leftovers, the team continues to distribute the food to the homeless people in the surrounding area. In addition to the physical food, a prayer tent is set up, and the people who wish to receive prayer enter one at a time to receive a prayer and a message of hope.

All the ingredients used for the soup are donated by the local community and by the team of volunteers, who help cook, clean, set up, distribute, and evangelize.

While the volunteers believed the Soup of Life ministry was needed in the community, they were also concerned about safety. The team established safety protocols so that members could work in the midst of the pandemic. The safety protocols benefit both the ministry team and those who receive the soup of life.

“This is our church reaching out to those in need and being the answer during tough days,” Leonardo said.